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Comparative Study of Kefir Yogurt-Drink and Sodium Fluoride Mouth Rinse on Salivary Mutans Streptococci

Seyyed Ali Asghar Sefidgar, Ali Akbar Moghadamnia, Reza Ghadimi, Leila Shirkhani

Citation Information : Sefidgar SA, Moghadamnia AA, Ghadimi R, Shirkhani L. Comparative Study of Kefir Yogurt-Drink and Sodium Fluoride Mouth Rinse on Salivary Mutans Streptococci. J Contemp Dent Pract 2014; 15 (2):214-217.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10024-1517

Published Online: 01-10-2014

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2014; The Author(s).



The level of mutans streptococci (MS) is reduced by regularly consumption of probiotic Kefir drink. The present study aiming at answer to this question ‘may the Kefir drink be considered an alternative to fluoride rinse?’

Materials and Methods

Twenty-two healthy volunteers aged 22-32 years with good oral hygiene participated in this study. None of participants had received any antibiotic or antimicrobial agent or professional fluoride therapy within the last month. None of them exhibited active caries lesions. Smokers and subjects who have chewing gums xylitol habit or who were undergoing orthodontic treatment were excluded. In a cross over design with 2 parallel groups, people in group A for 2 weeks received 100 ml of Kefir drink per day, then avoided brushing, eating and drinking for an hour. Simultaneously, people in group B were administered 0.05% sodium fluoride rinse in the same manner. After washout period, people in groups A and B respectively used 0.05% sodium fluoride rinse and Kefir drink. Saliva sampling was performed before and after interventions. The acidity and the count of MS were assessed and data were analyzed statistically.


There was no significant difference between base line pH values of saliva in study groups (p > 0.05). Although, a significant difference was shown between MS counts before and after interventions (p . 0.0001 and p . 0.0001 for NaF and Kefir respectively), but the equal inhibitory effect was found between study groups (p > 0.05).


Kefir drink can inhibit salivary MS as well the sodium fluoride rinse. This beverage may be considered an alternative for fluoride rinse.

Clinical significance

Probiotics containing dairy products was known with anticariogenic properties. These agents may be used in caries control strategies adjunctively.

How to cite this article

Ghasempour M, Sefidgar SAA, Moghadamnia AA, Ghadimi R, Gharekhani S, Shirkhani L. Comparative Study of Kefir Yogurt-Drink and Sodium Fluoride Mouth Rinse on Salivary Mutans Streptococci. J Contemp Dent Pract 2014;15(2):214-217.

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