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Odontogenic Myxoma: A Study based on Biopsy Material over a 40-Year Period

Shahroo Etemad-Moghadam, Somayeh Chookhachizadeh, Fereshteh Baghaii, Mojgan Alaeddini

Citation Information : Etemad-Moghadam S, Chookhachizadeh S, Baghaii F, Alaeddini M. Odontogenic Myxoma: A Study based on Biopsy Material over a 40-Year Period. J Contemp Dent Pract 2014; 15 (2):137-141.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10024-1503

Published Online: 01-10-2014

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2014; The Author(s).



Odontogenic tumors, including odontogenic myxomas (OMs) are regarded as rare neoplasms in the human body. Nevertheless, they may be problematic for diagnosis and treatment planning due to possible variations between different races and countries. The aim of the current study was to present the clinicopathologic features of OM in an Iranian population over a 40-year period and compare them with those reported elsewhere.

Materials and methods

Clinical/demographic data and histologic slides of OMs and all lesions that could be considered in their differential diagnosis, reported from 1967-2008 were analyzed. Statistical analysis was performed using X2 and t-test and p < 0.05 was regarded significant.


Forty OMs were identified, of which 42.5% occurred in men (mean age, 27.4 years) and 57.5% in women (mean age, 28.2 years). Most tumors were observed in the posterior mandible. All cases possessed the classic World Health Organization histologic features; while 3, 15 and 6 cases showed epithelial rests, residual bone and conspicuous collagen bundles, respectively. Five patients were followed and none of their tumors recurred.


The clinicopathologic characteristics of the current Iranian population are similar to most other reports with a predilection for the posterior mandible, 3rd decade and female subjects; however, there were variations in microscopic features of the studied cases.

Clinical significance

Clinical and histologic information on OM in different populations may be useful in clinical settings and treatment planning. Reporting more detailed histologic data can help clarify the biology of this tumor and aid in its histopathologic diagnosis.

How to cite this article

Etemad-Moghadam S, Chookhachizadeh S, Baghaii F, Alaeddini M. Odontogenic Myxoma: A Study based on Biopsy Material Over a 40-Year Period. J Contemp Dent Pract 2014;15(2):137-141.

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